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About Us

PDC is an outsourcing company that provides data conversion, medical coding, and contact center services for clients seeking to improve their efficiency and reduce their costs. Outsourcing is a proven cost saving option as companies realize that there is no reason to do a job internally when it can be done more efficiently externally.

We at PDC give you the kind of personalized service that you can only get from a privately held company that takes pride in its work. We assure our clients consistent, quality results in all our products. Quality control procedures are embedded in all our production activities, and we take pride in the personal involvement of our production supervisors to ensure that your results are up to your very high standards.

The people at PDC have been in the business of creating computer databases since 1997. Our company constructs both commercial, private, as well as in-house databases according to our client's specifications with a guarantee of complete confidentiality. We also provide medical entry and coding services for hospitals and medical offices to help support the growing market for medical claims services.

PDC also offers inbound and outbound contact center services for U.S. and Philippine companies.

We know that you will find our affordable, world-class capabilities sufficient to meet your high standards. Our offices are completely modernized and capable of handling your projects.

We are proud of achieving and maintaining the industry standard of 99.95% accuracy for our data conversion and medical coding services. And we always deliver on time. Let us work with you and make your business achieve more for less.

 Our Mission

Serve the Lord, families and consequently ourselves by rendering the highest quality service we can possibly give to both our internal and external clients.

 Our Vision

100% service levels and 100% customer satisfaction.
The team is expected to maximize their talents